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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been devised for the understanding of the users who are concerned with what, why and how their personal information is being collected and used for online. Opiant has genuinely committed its energies to protect the privacy concerns of its users and believes in complete lawfulness, fairness and transparency. Please read the contents below to know our approach towards our user’s private information before sailing through our website.

User Information

All users are free to navigate the website without furnishing any personal details. Opiant receives your information (like your name, email, phone number etc) only when you enter your details in our website to get in touch with us. The information thus received is used only for record and analytical purposes and to offer all our users a better viewing experience on ‘’. Opiant may also make use of this information to keep you acquainted with the periodical improvements and up-gradation of our products and services. Opiant will neither share, nor rent or sell your information to any third party until and unless we receive a clear authorization from you.

Please notice that ‘’ and other subpages may contain links to other or third party websites and our privacy policy will not be applicable to those. You shall navigate these websites at your own discretion and Opiant will have no liability whatsoever with respect to the privacy policies followed by these third party websites.

Personal Information

Opiant may request you for your personal information when required and it shall be used for the purpose of communication or to render you the requested services. In the case a need arises to process or make use of your information for a different purpose, we will do so only after a due agreement and your assent on the matter. Any and all information you share with us, will be kept confidential within Opiant.

Opiant shall save your data for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data was collected. In the event where you request to terminate the service agreement or after the due termination of the service agreement, we will either continue to safe keep your details for record purpose or delete all your personal information, as per your consent.

While Opiant processes your personal information, it shall do so under certain security measures and assures protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage at our end. While doing so, Opiant does not guarantee ‘absolute privacy’, as we cannot govern the conduct of other users to whom you shared your Personal Information with.

Lawful Disclosure

    We may uncover your Personal Information if and only when we come to the understanding that such an act is fairly imperative to:
  • Comply with a legal or judicial regulation, or a legitimate bureaucratic demand is necessitated upon Opiant.
  • Guard and uphold the integrity and property of Opiant (inclusive of enforcement of this accord).
  • Protect and safeguard Opiant and its customers against any deceit or related circumstances.

Site Information

When you visit ‘', Opiant may receive information about your IP address and the web browser used by you. Opiant may also make use of your Browser cookies to save certain data, like your session data which will help us evaluate our site performance, traffic pattern etc. Opiant does not and will not sell, share or distribute your site data with any third party.

In order to prevent the outflow of such data, you will have to reset your browser settings and select the option to ‘block third-party cookies’ which will prevent them from saving and reading the cookie data. Howbeit, if you choose to deny websites from saving and reading your cookie data, you will not be able to view or experience all the features of those websites. Please be informed that all major browsers are by default set up to accept cookies.


Opiant deserve the right to change, update or modify this privacy policy, partly or entirely, as and when it deems fit for the company requirements. The changes so made in the Privacy Policy will be displayed on this page and will be effective immediately. Opiant bears no responsibility to inform any user about any such changes, though we will update the ‘Last Updated’ date above. The onus is on the users to regularly visit this page to keep up to date with our privacy policy terms. When you accept to commence a new work agreement or to continue with a previous one, Opiant assumes that it constitutes the fact that you have read and accepted our privacy policy terms, as displayed. If you disagree with any changes made to our privacy policy, you may opt out of the work agreement, following the due process.

For any queries or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at .